Monday, July 18, 2011

6 Little Joys

As I've accepted my diagnosis, I've begun to appreciate the little moments that reside inside the stillness of the day (they come in surprisingly filling slivers). Sampling the wee caloric morsels can nourish you as your moods ebb and flow. 

Here are my snacks from the last two days:

1) Getting soaked in the rain by choice.
2) Narrating a nighttime Wal-Mart shopping spree with my husband like we were Ice Road Truckers.
3) Feeling a book in my hand in the whirlpool tub.
4) Enjoying the view from the dentist's office. Really.
5) Reciting high school poetry about abandoned Happy Meals .
6) Laughing at my mom's feet

I feel all these tiny joys blooming under my feet, little forget-me-nots, a soft carpet to cushion my aching soles.

What little moments do you enjoy?


  1. Of all the RA blogs I read, I connect with yours the most. Thank you for all you have written and your brutal honesty.

  2. Thank you Joan,
    I'm just getting warmed up.
    I noticed on your profile that we have a few things in common, including a love of corgis.

  3. The journey is a long one, a tough one, but one in which we can find joys along the way. Your blog portrays this journey well.

  4. Thanks for posting Deb!
    It's amazing the ups and downs one can have just day to day and hour to hour. Wishing you many days of ups!