Monday, April 2, 2012

Ch-ch-ch-changes Update

Add one more to make 26!
Mr. Sunshine demonstrates what I've lost.
In January I wrote about honoring yourself. I hope some of you took that as a challenge. I'd love to hear what you've been doing for yourself. I'd begun the process of honoring myself last summer, and when I felt I was ready, began working on my "advertising." I've lost twenty-six pounds since late December through diet. A trainer at the gym told me that each pound of weight on your body is multiplied by four  as pressure on your knees. My knees were ravaged by RA and as a result were the most unstable joints in my body. I now have approximately 104 less pounds of pressure on my knees than compared to a few months ago. My cane is no longer at my side. Instead it hangs out in the back of my car, just in case. I use Kneed-It braces to help with knee pain and pressure during long days. Lately I've been using them less frequently. 

As I began losing weight, other parts of my life seemed to start realigning. I was able to make time for long-neglected household projects, spend more time with friends, and do a few things each week that were a little scary and out of my comfort zone.

I'm happy to report that my graduate classes have been going well. Voice lessons have been slow and steady, but I've been stretching out my voice and am able to hit notes that I'd not considered a possibility. Now that I have a small respite from work, I've been able to get more writing done. Due to the amount of things I am participating in, I've not been able to write the way I want to. You'll see much more from me during certain points of the year, fall and winter are typically not those times.  I appreciate you readers, and I hope life is treating you well!

Please post a response and let me know what you've been doing lately to pamper yourself. And if you have not, what are you planning on doing, starting NOW?


  1. I did not know that about each pound equalling four on my knees. That explains a lot! I just started working with a trainer, but haven't gotten serious about my diet yet. I need to get there.

    You should be really proud of yourself! =)

  2. Thanks Joan!
    I chose to go with diet over exercise because I had such a difficult time moving. Also, another trainer I am acquainted with stated that diet makes a bigger difference in shedding pounds in many cases. I've lost over 13% of my body weight without doing much at the gym! I only recently went back because I can bike again. Baby steps!
    Thanks for the kind words Joan.

  3. Congratulations, Sunshine! You should be proud!! Good for you :) Also glad to see you're writing again - I've missed you!