Know Thyself.
 -The Oracle at Delphi

It's a Herculean task to wrestle with that alligator of an idea; and people with chronic illnesses have Thetis' blessing and Achilles' curse. The newly diagnosed may do all kinds of things to avoid the jaws of diagnosis and proper reframing of their lives, leading to perilous mental, physical, and emotional consequences. Snap, crackle, pop! However, our heroes can accept the situation, reflect on it, and take action to tame the beast of denial. With an alligator as nasty as RA, you'd best be quick on your feet.

This section of the site provides links relevant to coping with your illness, and the other brutes it keeps company with. This is not intended to make a professional alligator wrestler out of anybody, take advice with a grain of salt. Not everything works for everybody. Just ask Achilles.